Presidential lid – American Hat creates 1000X for President-Elect Donald Trump

The 1000X American Mink custom made for President-Elect Donald Trump. (Photo by Barbara Green)

President-Elect Donald Trump may be a New York city-slicker, but apparently he appreciates a nice looking cowboy hat and he will soon have his own American Hat, custom made right here in Bowie.
The internationally-known company headquartered in Bowie unveiled its silver belly 1000X mink hat created especially for Trump. This hat retails for about $2,800, but it has several unique details.
Celebrity hats are nothing new for this company that has spent more than a century crafting cowboy hats. Professional cowboys fill their customer ranks, as do musicians like Lyle Lovette and the Zac Brown Band.
The creation of the Trump hat came about from two paths, one involving a long-time customer and one where someone was a friend of Eric Trump.

Read the full story in the weekend News.

The inside band boast a gold stamp for Donald J. Trump. (Photo by Barbara Green)