STORM CENTER: Goodbye football, hello hoops

You hear basketball coaches talk all the time about the transition game.
Basketball is the one sport where going from offense to defense or vice versa can occur in the blink of an eye.
There are so many definitions for the word “transition.”
It’s the process or a period of changing from one state to another.
In the journalism world, it’s a passage in a piece of writing that smoothly connects two topics or sections to each other.
When I was younger, I worked for a sports editor in Temple, Texas, and he consistently worried over my transition from one subject to another in a story.
In music, a transition takes the listener’s ears from one key to another.
For you physics fans out there, a transition is a change of an atom, nucleus or electron from one state to another – concepts such as emission and the absorption of radiation occur.
The word transition is not just a noun, but also a verb. As a verb, transition means to undergo or cause a process or period of transition.
Transition has its roots in both Latin and French languages, and the word was born in the mid-16th Century.
The root word is “transire” in Latin, which means to go across. The word has exponentially grown in popularity in recent times, peaking in the 1900s.
Transitions also occur from one sport to the next, and that certainly was the case this past week.
The sports editor covered a football game at historic Mustang Bowl in Sweetwater on Saturday.
And three days later, Feast Week basketball coverage was underway as I tried to cover both the Bowie/Wichita Falls Rider girls and Nocona/Petrolia boys’ game on the same night.
Wednesday, I also made my way down to Dallas to the American Airlines Center for the Bowie game versus Krum.
Transitions also occur for coaches in another way. The transition from one squad to another thanks to graduation. Read more of this column in the Nov. 26 Bowie News.

Editor’s Note: The Storm Center column is the expressed written views of sports editor Eric Viccaro and not The Bowie News.

The Bowie High School boys’ basketball team gathered after Wednesday’s victory over Krum for a group shot. The Jackrabbits topped Krum 57-34 in their season-opening game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. (News photo by Eric Viccaro)