Bowie Police seize 5lbs of marijuana, $3,500 in cash; two jailed

Evidence seized during a Wednesday arrest. (Photo by Barbara Green)

An investigation into a injured child at Bowie Intermediate School Wednesday led to the arrest of two people and the seizure of five pounds of marijuana in what police believe is a drug distribution house.
New School Resource Officer Travis Fuller, named to the post mid-week, was called to the school about 3 p.m. on Wednesday for an injured child. Fuller and a Child Protective Service worker arrived and found a 10-year-old girl with a minor head injury which was a knot on her upper forehead. The minor child was not identified.
Detective Bob Blackburn said they ascertained from the child the injury was allegedly from her stepfather.
“In further talks with the child, it was determined there could be possible illegal drug distribution occurring at the residence where she lives,” said Blackburn.
Lt. Randy Hanson and Blackburn went to residence at 1009 Jefferson and talked with Geoffery Loper and Sondra Vandeventer, the child’s mother. Blackburn said Loper “admitted” he had a small amount of marijuana in the house “for personal use.”

The couple was later arrested on drug complaints. Read the full story in the weekend News.