Former BMH Authority may have its final meeting Monday

The former Bowie Memorial Hospital which closed last November.

Members of the Bowie Hospital Authority will meet for what could possible the last time at noon on Dec. 19 in the board room of the former hospital.
On Dec. 1, the board filed in 97th District Court for receivership to assist in the dissolution of the authority. Since that time the court accepted the recommendation to name Interim Chief Executive Officer Lynn Heller as the receiver and assists with making final payments.
The board chose the receivership process because the regular route to dissolution required an entity be debt-free, which is impossible with no source of revenue since it is not a taxing entity.
The hospital closed last November and while it has paid a large number of its debts there remains outstanding payments for unemployment taxes and a contract for health management services.
Those creditors are owed amounts greater than the remaining liquidation proceeds. The Texas Workforce Commission has filed a tax lien, and Heller said he anticipates it will receive the majority of the remaining money.

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