It was a tight race in the March election for the Montague County Precinct One county commissioner seat with five Republican nominees running to fill the place of retiring Commissioner Herman Conway.
It was Roy Darden and Stephen Kirkland who garnered the most votes and entered into a run-off race on May 24.
With five candidates running for a single office, the need for a runoff wasn’t surprising since a winner must have at least 51 percent of the vote. Darden, Bowie, won the runoff election against Kirkland, Sunset, by 119 votes.
The incoming county commissioner was unsure if the job was one he wanted to take on; but one he said he was asked by several people to do. Darden says he prayed and after no clear sign that God was against the idea, he threw his hat in the ring.
“I decided if God wants me to do it, I’ll be here,” explained Darden. “After five candidates, I am the last one standing, so I guess he wanted me for the job because here I am.”
Darden said he is focused on repairing and maintaining the roads within his precinct.
“I want to represent the people in a way they’re supposed to be, with a goal to fix the problems we have in the precinct,” declared Darden.

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