STORM CENTER: Ringing in 2017

Congratulations, Bowie News readers, you’ve made it.
Well, you made it to the end of 2016 – but, hopefully with good health, you’ll be here for the start of 2017.
Let’s take a look at some of the things set to happen next year, starting with what should be one of most anticipated astronomical events in recent memory.
On Aug. 21, there will be a total solar eclipse, which will be the first one in its totality of the 21st Century and the first one visible in the United States since Feb. 26, 1979.
Totality will occur in a part from Oregon to South Carolina, and last at least 2 minutes, 40 seconds. The location and time of the greatest eclipse will take place in Kentucky at about 6:25 p.m.
On Oct. 26, a collection of records established by late President John F. Kennedy about his assassination will be completely disclosed to the public.
Maybe then we will have closure about the incident occurring on Nov. 22, 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. This inquisitive person has already circled that date on the calendar.
The United States is expected to deploy additional missile interceptors on the Pacific coast to defend against possible nuclear threats from North Korean ballistics.
It’s also expected international scientists will complete the world’s first fully synthetic yeast – which will be intended for use in production of both medicine and biofuel. Of course biofuel is a sore subject in these parts.
Keep in mind; it’s only 2017 in the eyes of the Gregorian calendar devised by Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced this time measurement tool in 1582.
In Armenia, 2017 is the year 1466. The Buddhist calendar thinks 2017 is really 2561. While in Korea, 2017 will be 4350. Hey Marty McFly, that’s really back to the future.
The year 2017 has been depicted in computer video games including, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” in which the game ends on Jan. 21, 2017.
Remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Running Man?” The story was set in a futuristic United States from the years of 2017-19. The premise of the film deals with a television show where convicted criminals must escape death from professional killers.

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The Year 2017 will feature a total solar eclipse across a great majority of the United States. (Metro graphic)