Central CEO addresses Bowie Rotary Club

The new Central Hospital of Bowie is planning a “tentative” opening for March 1.
Faraz Hashmi, chief executive officer, gave Bowie Rotarians the news during its mid-week luncheon. He says tentative because it depends on new staff coming on board after they have received job offers and training on the new standards of care.
This was the Dallas businessman’s first public speaking program in Bowie, and he said it was appropriate because his older brother was a Rotarian and he had attended many meetings with him.
Bowie Real Estate Holdings, which purchased the hospital last May, is composed of the Hashmi family, Faraz’s father, Dr. Hasan F. Hashmi, an internationally-known surgeon and his brother, Suleman Hashmi, president and CEO of Texas General Hospital.
The family group operates Texas General Hospital in Irving and in Grand Saline.
“This club emphasizes civic duty and that is what we are all about,” said Hashmi. “We tend to go into under-served areas. Large companies don’t want to go into these because they are not big-money markets, but it is certainly where you want to go if you genuinely care about helping people.”
The CEO said Bowie has been an interesting and good experience to get the hospital opened, despite so much red tape in the health care system.

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