State fire marshal staff, THC and court tour courthouse

Steven Walt and Kelley Stalder with the State Fire Marshal’s Office and James Malanaphy with the Texas Historical Commission examine the second story staircase of the courthouse during their tour. (Photo by Dani Blackburn)


Montague County officials are one step closer to a solution for the lack of a second approved exit fire escape off the third and fourth floors of the courthouse after a Thursday meeting with representatives of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.
Montague County Judge Rick Lewis explained the purpose of the meeting was to gain direction in correcting the egression problems the county was cited for in July on its 104-year-old building.
The citation came as part of a Fire Safety Inspection Report by James Scott McAnallen, deputy state fire marshal. The county was cited for 14 violations of the Life Safety Code.

All but two of those violations have been resolved. The court is in the midst of installing fire alarms, while the third and fourth floor egress problems. The group toured the historic courthouse to view the issues firsthand on Thursday.

Read the full story in the weekend News.

State Fire Marshal officials examine the now non-compliant fire slides that come down from the third floor of the courthouse. (Photo by Dani Blackburn)