Deputy’s widow files wrongful death federal lawsuit

Larry Hostetter

The estate and wife of a late Montague County Sheriff’s deputy have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Nocona and the former Nocona reserve police officer who shot Larry Hostetter nearly two years ago.
A federal civil lawsuit was filed on Jan. 19, less than one month shy of the statute of limitations that would come on the two-year anniversary of Larry Hostetter’s death on Feb. 15, 2015.
Filed in the United States District Court, northern district in Wichita Falls, the suit came from Jennifer Hostetter, the deputy’s widow and on behalf of his estate.
This civil action is against the City of Nocona and Robert Gillock, a reserve officer with the Nocona Police at the time who shot the deputy.
Gillock is accused of wrongful death and using “fatal, excessive force against Larry Hostetter, violating his Fourth Amendment rights.
The suit also contends the City of Nocona is liable for Gillock’s actions because it “failed to train and supervise the officer.”

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