Dry conditions, high winds perfect spark for wildfire

A horse stands in a field where smoke from a nearby grass fire blows in. (Bowie News file photo)

High winds drying grass and brush should prompt homeowners and landowners alike to take time to prepare before wildfires spark across the state, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist.
“Folks might think the recent rains will keep things from burning, but these winds will dry things out very quickly,” said Dr. Ted McCollum, AgriLife Extension beef cattle specialist in Amarillo.
“It might even be time to get the mower out to knock down any dry grass around homes and outbuildings, and ranchers will need to be checking their water supplies and fire suppression equipment,” McCollum said.

McCollum said conditions are right for wildfires to start with any ignition source if the available fuel is dry and the winds are high in the coming weeks. Primary ignition sources include motorists who throw cigarettes out along the highway or drag chains that cause sparks, and swinging electrical lines.

Read the full story on wildlife tips in the Saturday News. Montague County will consider a burn ban at its Monday meeting.