Bowie Town Hall meeting Monday night

The City of Bowie will present a Mayor’s Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. on March 27 in the Bowie Community Center at Pelham Park.
Mayor Larry Slack said all residents are invited and encouraged to attend as he reviews many pressing topics for the community.
Topics will include the city’s financial condition, revenues and expenditures, electric rates and revenues, tax rates and revenues, budgets, ambulance service and other pertinent issues.
Slack said while many residents are concerned about possible changes in ambulance services and stopping out of city runs, that is just one portion of a pressing budgetary crisis facing the city council and city.
The mayor said his goal for the meeting is provide as much information as possible to the citizens.
“My goal is to make clear to citizens what the financial status of our city is at this time. To show where we are and determine what we can afford for our community,” said Slack.
There will be a question and answer period included in the meeting.