Business Profile: Stacy Barber enjoys working with friends, family

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Stacy Barber


Build a Better Bowie is expanding to include a business profile of hometown people who chose to make not only their homes in Bowie, but to invest in the community by operating a business. The News will feature a profile of an assortment of these business leaders during the next few months.
Stacy Barber is the daughter of Nell and Ray Barber. A 1976 graduate of Bowie High School, she has worked as an insurance agent, financial and investment advisor and retirement planning.
Barber started doing business in 1989 with 28 years here and 37 years total. The 58-year-old attended the American College earning the designation “Chartered financial consultant.” She has operated Stacy Barber Financial in Bowie for the past 27 years.
Her family includes her brother, Bruce and his wife Marcia, her niece Lauren Barber and brother, Phil Barber.
Why did you choose to establish your business and home in Bowie?
I wanted to be able to run a business in the town where my parents were and where I grew up. I love the freedom, neighbors, friends and family. It also is close to the Metroplex and the airport.
What do you enjoy about operating in your hometown?
I enjoy knowing and understanding families. I enjoy a “reputation” of being in the same office for 27 years and helping “generations” follow their financial goals.
What is the biggest challenge a small town business faces?
The biggest challenge is “perception” at times that a “small town” advisor does not have access to all the “Metroplex” firms do. Not true, we serve all of Texas and clients in almost all states.
Do you have a business philosophy?
We work a “TEAM” approach which adds to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients. Everything is specialized in creating a design for individual situations, never one plan for all.