Tossed cigarette butt may be fire’s cause

City of Bowie firefighters battle a blaze at the back of a house 409 Cowan last Saturday morning. (Photo by Barbara Green)

City of Bowie Fire Department responded to a house fire at 409 Cowan Street Saturday morning and were able to stop a fire that caused primarily exterior and roof damage to the home.
The fire call came in at 8:49 a.m. Saturday. When firefighter arrived they found Keith Miers who lives in the house with his family attempting to put out a grass fire located just off the back of the frame house.
Fire Chief Doug Page said it appears the fire may have been caused by a cigarette that was thrown off the back porch and was not completely out.

Read the full story in the mid-week News.

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  1. First of all, Keith miers was nowhere near this house… you talked to a rachel and kyle miers..second of all, get your story and facts straight before you post this

    • As I told Keith when he called, that was the name given to me by the Bowie Fire Department. I told him a correction would be in the Saturday paper.

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