Bowie City Council to consider water/sewer rate hikes

In an attempt to address some of its budgetary issues, the Bowie City Council will consider changes in various fees along with water and sewer rates during its 6 p.m. called meeting on April 17.
At its previous meeting the council approved changes to the Pelham Park pool operation, police department administrative and animal control fee schedules. Those changes will now be considered as the ordinances are amended.
City Manager Ricky Tow will review water and wastewater rates and submit recommendations for possible increases. Both rate proposals are based on 2,100 accounts and the 2016 consumption numbers.
Read the full story in the weekend News.

2 Comments on Bowie City Council to consider water/sewer rate hikes

  1. We already pay twice if we water our yard. Lets raise the rates more so the ones of us that haven’t left will speed up turning Bowie into a ghost town.

  2. So, does this mean that instead of the yearly electricity rate increase is being replaced by water/sewer rate increases? If we already know that the years of electricity rate increases was just an additional tax to fill coffers (, will this type of budgetary response be of similar consequence? How do we know that this additional tax will solve the problem if the electricity rate increases could not? What kind of other options for the solving of budget problems are being investigated instead of further milking the citizen’s cow? It seems that we are slapping a band-aid on budgetary cancer but making the citizen’s believe that they are paying for chemo.

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