Upper Trinity Board meets on April 17

The Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors will meet at 5 p.m. on April 17 at the Springtown office at 1250 E. State Highway 199, Suite 102.
The meeting opens with a public hearing on a new well application and an application for exception to spacing requirements submitted by Rio Brazos Water Supply Company in Weatherford.
During the regular agenda, the board will discuss floor plans for the new district office facility to be located at 1855 W. Highway 199 in Springtown. Plans will be presented by GSBS Architects.
Staff from INTERA will given update and demonstration of a web-based tool that allows the staff to identify potential localized impacts of proposed and existing wells.
General Manager Doug Slaw will bring his monthly report and discuss potential district rule violations by a firm in Parker County and one in Wise County.
The remainder of the meeting includes the general counsel’s monthly report, plus the consent agenda, expenditures and budget amendments and plans for the next meeting.