Water/sewer rate hike tabled

A water and sewer rate proposal that could add $100 annually to the average city bill was tabled Monday night as Bowie City Councilors asked the staff to explore a possible cap on sewer usage.
In order to address ongoing budget revenue shortfalls, including a wastewater department that has generated a revenue loss for several years, as City Manager Ricky Tow prepared a new rate schedule.
This comes on the heels of a 2016 base rate increase that was implemented in both department during three years. That change made only a slight difference in the revenue amounts.
In 2016, the sewer department had a net revenue loss of $294,432. In 2015 it was $338,600, in 2014 it was $449,631 and in 2013 it was $532,961. Currently through February the net revenue loss is at $151,521.
For 2016, in the water department $120,574 in revenue was generated. In 2013 it was much higher at $229,473, dropping to $85,279 in 2014 and $81,360 in 2015. Currently through February is seeing $61,742 in the red for revenue.
The rate proposal is based on an average of 7,000 gallons of usage over a year and uses 2,100 accounts. Customers should also note the water and sewer gallons are gauged at the same level, they do not separate as they are calculated through the meter.

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