Bowie offers new proposal to county for EMS

The Bowie City Council voted Tuesday night to ask Montague County Commissioners to consider a new proposal to continue ambulance service for the southern half of the county as the court considers a provider.
The county would not be searching for a new provider if the City of Bowie had not informed the court in early March it would stop service outside-the-city-limits effective Oct. 1.
When Bowie area commissioners pitched the idea two weeks ago of allowing the city to offer a proposal, it was met with an angry response as several members said they would not be in the present situation if not for the city’s action.

Tuesday night’s agenda listed an executive session for consultation with the city attorney on Bowie EMS.
Returning to open session after 30 minutes Councilor Terry Gunter made a motion to allow the mayor pro tem to discuss continuing EMS service to the southern part of the county with the county judge. It was not to rescind the previous letter to stop service, but to ask to be included as they consider proposals.

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