CALENDAR QUIPS — by Bob Snyder

It’s another week filled with interesting celebrations. May 6 – 12 is
National Nurses Week. A time to salute all those wonderful nurses.
Yes, even the nurses who store the bedpans in the deep freeze.

MAY 7: Tourism Day. Tourism is very important all around the world.
There are countries where tourists are a major food source for the
local wildlife.

MAY 8: No Socks Day. You can celebrate by not wearing socks on your
feet. Or anywhere else.

MAY 9: Europe Day. People in Europe do a lot of mingling. If a man
has a French father, an Italian mother, he lives for many years in
Germany and he dies in Spain – what does that make him? Dead.

MAY 10: Clean Up Your Room Day. A time when kids are told to clean up
the mess they created. It’s an easy task for today’s kids. They just
download a “Clean Up Your Room” app onto their iPhone.

MAY 11: Eat What You Want Day. Forget your diet, indulge for one day.
What really hurts is being on a diet – and not remembering until May
12th that May 11th was Eat What You Want Day.

MAY 12: Odometer Day. The history books tell us on this date in 1847
a man in Utah named William Clayton attached a primitive odometer to
his horse buggy. This was so he could calculate how many miles per
bag of oats his horse was getting.

MAY 13: National Babysitter Day. Definition of “Babysitter”: A young
person you hire to watch your TV.

And finally, don’t forget May is Barbecue Month. Recent studies show
the average barbecue creates more air pollution than the average car.
And speaking of barbecues and cars – a reminder it’s strictly illegal
to BBQ while driving.