GOLD-BURG AWARDS: A Bear-y good awards show


Gold-Burg High School seniors Anthony Rios and Madi Eckeberger were named the Iron Bears at Thursday’s year-end awards ceremony.
Rios and Eckeberger were Gold-Burg’s top boys’ and girls’ basketball players, respectively, and both played in the Chicken Express All-Star games at Mineral Wells in March.
The most memorable part of the night took place near the conclusion when Gold-Burg football players presented Jay Johnson with a commemorative ball.
Johnson will not return as Gold-Burg principal, athletic director and head football coach next year after four years with the school.
During a speech, Johnson fondly recalled the game against Benjamin this season in which the Bears put up 50 points despite having just five players on the field.
Girls’ athletics coordinator and coach Cheryl Cromleigh beamed with pride, showing new banners that hang in the gymnasium.
“Those will be there forever, and something for the kids to be proud of,” she said.
Student-athletes were given participation letters in all sports, and individuals were given honors by sport. Read more in the May 24 Bowie News.

Gold-Burg High School’s Madi Eckeberger was named the female Iron Bear for the 2016-17 academic calendar. Eckeberger is photographed with athletic director and principal Jay Johnson and coach Cheryl Cromleigh. (News photo by Eric Viccaro)