Sweatproof your make-up

Is there any more disastrous then spending an hour perfecting your makeup, leaving the house feeling like a million bucks and then stepping off a sticky train to find foundation dripping down your neck, smeared mascara and eyeshadow and liner that slides from your lid to your brow bone? This is what we call a major cosmetics meltdown.

Summer makeup is tricky, but fortunately there are tips you can follow to ensure your look is 100 percent sweat-proof. Here are 8 you should try tomorrow.

1. Look for “sweat-proof” makeup ingredients. Depending on your makeup collection, you may need to invest in a few new staples when temperatures begin to soar. “When looking for products that will keep your makeup from caking or sliding off at the first sign of sweat, opt for ones that are oil-free and silicone-based,” says beauty expert Julie Ricevuto of YouBeauty.com. “The silicone will act as a barrier between your skin and the humidity so that foundation won’t slide off or trickle into your pores. Avoid oil-based products since they will ultimately lead to a slick face, which will only be made worse by the sweltering heat.”

2. Start with great skin. The first step for any flawless makeup look involves taking good care of your skin. In the summertime, this also means prepping your skin in a way that makes it ready to wage war against the heat and humidity. “A strong skincare routine to keep your face clear and blemish-free will give you a beautiful canvas for applying your makeup,” Ricevuto says. “Use lightweight moisturizers to lock in hydration without starting your skin off looking slick. Also, choose long-wearing, oil- free formulas to keep your makeup budge-proof and smooth. If you end up getting a bit oily throughout the day, spot treat your shine with blotting papers instead of reapplying makeup over trouble spots.”

3. Don’t rely on your winter skincare routine. You will need to change things up so that the makeup you’ve applied to your skin reacts positively to the heat. “Skin will get greasier and pores will get clogged during the summer months due to sweat and sunblock,” says makeup artist Liz Fuller. “Start by using a gentle, non-soap cleanser (like Cetaphil) in the morning and evening to give your skin a thorough cleaning. Be sure to exfoliate several mornings a week, as well, to help clean out pores. Put the thicker creams and lotions at the back of your medicine cabinet and break out lighter, oil-free formulas to let skin breathe. (That includes sunblock.)”

4. Use a primer. Primers will change your life. If you’ve never used one, it’s invisible makeup that helps create a flawless foundation (even without actual foundation). “To ensure melt-proof makeup start by using a primer. Primers help to create a smooth canvas for makeup application and will keep makeup looking fresher longer. Look for primers that advertise as ‘matte.’ It will help to keep shininess and oiliness at bay. I like NYX Shine Killer primer,” says Fuller.

5. Opt for a tinted moisturizer. Foundation provides wonderful full coverage, but you’ll be lucky if a face full of heavy makeup lasts one August day. “Instead, use a lightweight tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream,” Fuller says. “Just apply enough to even out the skin. I like Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20.”

 6. Dust a loose powder to set your makeup. After all of the hard work you put in to create a flawless face, it makes sense to protect it. “Loose powder will also help to absorb any oils in your skin,” Fuller says. “Even if you choose not to use any type of foundation or BB/CC cream, you should still dust the loose powder onto your skin to help create a barrier for oils and sweat. My favorite is NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder.”

7. Spritz on a setting spray. Setting sprays aren’t just for professional makeup artists anymore. “It used to be that only a couple of brands were available at specialty makeup stores, but now setting sprays have gone mainstream and you can usually find them in your local drugstore,” Fuller says. “There are various types of setting sprays–just your basic spray that keeps makeup in place, sprays that give a dewy finish, or sprays with oil-control properties to give skin a matte finish. For summer I would recommend the matte finish spray. It helps to fight oiliness. My favorite is Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray.”

8. Control facial sweat with anti-perspirant! You don’t always need to purchase a high-end makeup product to do a job that can be done using something most of us already have in our medicine cabinet. “I do makeup for a lot of brides in the summer and sometimes they are just sweating in my chair,” Fuller says. “A lot of times it’s their upper lip that’s sweating or just underneath their breasts. I use a solid anti-perspirant on their upper lip to help stop the sweating. I swipe it over the skin and then pat it in and wait a few minutes. Same goes for under their breasts (although they need to use their own for that area!). It’s a quick and easy way to stop sweating. You can also use a spray anti-perspirant for feet that sweat in the summer heat. The spray is also good for behind the neck and on the inner thighs.”

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