Thornberry says House health care bill not perfect, but beats Obamacare

By BARBARA GREENUnited States Congressman Mac Thornberry came home to district 13 this week during a break from his Washington, D.C. duties and he hopes to talk with his constituents about an array of issues from health care to tax reform.
Thornberry made a brief stop in Bowie Monday and shared his thoughts about political activities during the last few months of the new administration.
The top issue for the House has been passage of the health care repeal and replace the American Health Care Act. This week Thornberry says he will be meeting with health insurers and businesses with concerns on the AHCA.
Thornberry was quick to say the House bill is “not perfect,” and he expects the Senate will make improvements, but adds it is “certainly better than Obamacare.”
“On average people on Obamacare saw their premiums go up 25 percent this year alone. Health insurance companies tell us it will go up next year and that is on top of deductibles of $7,000,” said the congressman.
One of the benefits of the new bill is premiums will go down and there will be more options.

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