Two former Bowie Council members apply to fill mayor’s term

Two former Bowie City Council members have thrown their hats into contention to fill out the unexpired term of mayor.

Applications have begun to arrive to fill the vacant mayor’s position for the City of Bowie following the unexpected resignation of Larry Slack on May 8.
Slack was serving the final year of a two-year term, ending in November. The council will accept his resignation Tuesday.
The council has 30 days to fill the post, and the appointee would serve until the Nov. 4 election.
Until the council takes action, Mayor Pro Tem Scott Davis will preside at the meetings. Davis has indicated he does not want to move into mayor.

Laura Sproles and Arlene Bishop have submitted applications.

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  1. I was embarrassed at some of the decisions made by the Council during my terms from 88 to 92. I can’t see that it has gotten any better. In my opinion, Council members put too much trust and authority in the City Manager and don’t think enough about what is best for the citizens of Bowie. In general, managers are here to spend money, build up their resume’ and move on, leaving the taxpayers to finance their extravagant spending. (Not on the City streets or infrastructure, apparently)!

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