a cottage florist continues long-time family business

Build a Better Bowie is expanding to include a business profile of hometown people who chose to make not only their homes in Bowie, but to invest in the community by operating a business. The News will feature a profile of an assortment of these businesses leaders.
Carrie Aune, the daughter of Priscilla and David Jameson Sr., is a proud Jackrabbit from Bowie High School Class of 1979. Aune and her husband Bob, own and operate a cottage florist and gifts in Bowie.
They are joined by third generation floral designer Davie Aune Allen and husband Lee, plus fourth-generation “in training,” Darlee Allen, age six and her brother Nealee Allen, age five.
“My younger brother David and I were literally raised in small business. Our parents opened David Jameson Photography in 1967 and purchased a cottage florist in 1969. The florist quickly became my passion.
For the past 48 years my favorite place to be is at the design table creating and enjoying the blessings I have been given,” ideas that are not always what they seem. Seeing things change too much is our small town can be disheartening. I never want us to get away from what and who we really are.
Do you have a business philosophy?
Our philosophy is very simple and basic, we run our business according to the Golden Rule each and every patron deserves to be treated with honesty, respect and gratitude.
Why is Bowie a great place to live?
Bowie is an amazing small town where we are blessed to serve people who are so much more than simply customers, they are our friends.
Bowie’s residents have a special bond that can only be found in a small rural community. Our people pull together to celebrate one another’s successes, as well as bear each other’s burdens and lift each other up in times of need. said Aune.
The florist at 211 East Tarrant, focuses on high quality fresh flowers. They have a large selection of plants and added other unique gifts, making shopping convenient for their customers.
Aune says, “they know they do not have to go out of town to have choices or to get something of quality.”
Why did you choose to establish your business here?
Needless to say, we are very fortunate to be a second, third and now fourth generation family business in a community where my dad’s family goes back many generations.
As a very young couple my parents had the desire and ambition to go into business and felt Bowie was the perfect place to raise my young brother and I. I am forever grateful they made that decision.
What do you enjoy about operating in your hometown?
There are so many things I love about being in business in my hometown.
Most of all it is the people. They are among those I feel closest to — lifelong friends, teachers and mentors.
There is a bond found among friends a small community that is like no other. I would not want to be anywhere else. We are surrounded by loving, caring people who share the same hopes, dreams and values that come with living in a small community such as ours.
What is the biggest challenge a small town business faces?
It is the ever-changing world of technology. That holds true not only for small businesses such as ourselves, but large corporations as well.
Along with this technology comes bigger, brig