Board of directors to meet this week

The board of directors for the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District will meet at 5 p.m. on June 19 at the office in Springtown located at 1250 E. State Highway 199, suite 102.
Two new well applications have been submitted for a proposed subdivision in Parker County.
Several financial items will be handled by the board including the annual financial report for fiscal 2016, along with budget amendments.
The district will continue planning for a new facility to be located at 1855 West State Hwy. 199. The general manager’s report on monthly activities will follow, along with the status of t of district rules.
There will be a discussion on potential violations of district rules by Horseshoe Bend Water Works in Parker County and Sunset Water in Montague County.
The general counsel’s monthly report wraps up the lengthy agenda.
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