You Need To Stop Thinking It’s Impossible To Wear False Eyelashes

By Amy Rose Spiegel

They’re really not that hard! Also, they make literally everyone look 14 times more gorgeous.

Okay okay okay. I get it. You think this is gonna be you when you try to put on lashes.

But faking a fuller lash line doesn’t have to be this kind of tearful ordeal! There are SO MANY WAYS to apply lashes without completely messing things up, and they’re far less difficult than you might think.

If you’re opting for strips, the first thing you have to understand is that different kinds do different things.

One reason why you might think lashes are outside of your skill range is because you’ve experimented with a type that doesn’t suit you. Are you looking for something subtle? Do you want to look dramatically different? Is your name Cher? Your answers to these questions are crucial in determining what lashes you should be working with.

And — get ready — you can even opt to apply lashes individually if you want them to look really seamless.

Most kinds look something like this and, like strip lashes, are available at most drugstores (think, like, CVS, Walgreens, etc.) for under $5. And whatever kind of “yeah, right, this looks impossible” eye roll you’re doing as you read this, just shut up for a second, because they’re really easy when you get the hang of ’em. Trust!

Next, consider your glue.

In my opinion, it’s Duo or it’s dirt. You can also find this at many drugstores. Get the clear — there’s a dark variety, too, but if you’re first starting out, this is the way to go to avoid a mess. Note: Never EVER get the permanent glue that’s marketed for individual eyelashes, even if that’s what you intend to apply — they’ll rip your real lashes straight out. HEED MY WARNING. I know from bald-lidded experience and shudder at the very memory.

If you have especially fine or sparse lashes, put on mascara first so the glue has something to stick to.

As someone with microscopic natural eyelashes, I can tell you that this step is essential if you want your falsies to stay firmly in their place, whether you’re using strip OR individual lashes.

Here’s a simple six-step guide to the basics of wearing strip eyelashes.

Placement is everything! Be sure to take your time — rushing lash application is a surefire way to end up with your eyes looking all crooked-y and weird. And be sure to finish with mascara, and, if you like, liquid eyeliner, to make the full effect look polished and complete.

And if you ARE choosing to wear strips, consider cutting them into smaller bits for a doe-eyed effect.

Sometimes just half of a lash strip is all you need. If you do intend to wear the whole shebang, cutting it into two or more pieces and then applying them each with tweezers can make the process way easier than it is when you’re dealing with one long unwieldy strip.