Nocona ISD prepares budget

Nocona Superintedent Dr. Vickie Gearheart presented a new vision statement to the school board during a July 17 meeting.

The vision statement has been a year in the making as all three campus principals worked with the superintendent to create a new vision statement for the district.

“Last year we had new principals at all three campus, so we wanted to create a new vision statement. I think it’s a testament to us all being on the same page and all seeing things for the district the same,” said Dr. Gearheart.

The new vision for Nocona Independent School District states: “We envision schools that inspire excellence initiated by high expectations for teaching ad learning. We see schools where children feel safe and where success is expected and initial failure is understood as a part of learning.”

The Nocona ISD mission is to engage the digital generation in the teaching and learning process by designing lessons that promote creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving and communication and collaboration.

The superintendent also presented a facility and budget update to trustees.

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