OUTDOORS: Zebra mussels spread south in Texas

Invasive zebra mussels have now been identified in the Guadalupe River Basin, as the push continues southward.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fisheries biologists and game wardens confirmed the presence of zebra mussels at Canyon Lake on June 8.
Employees at the Canyon Lake Marina noticed zebra mussels while working on a boat that had been stored in a slip at Crane’s Mill. They called TPWD to report the discovery.
“Although marina staff have intercepted several incoming boats over the years that had invasive mussels attached, it is essential boats stored on infested lakes be decontaminated before they’re moved,” said Brian Van Zee, inland fisheries director for TPWD.
Zebra mussels reproduce rapidly, and they can have a serious economic, environmental and recreational impacts on Texas reservoirs and rivers. Read more in the July 12 Bowie News.

Zebra mussels reproduce rapidly, and they can have serious economic, environmental and recreation impacts. These invasive species continue to spread south in Texas. (Courtesy photo by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)