Saint Jo EMS seeking more money from the county

Funding for emergency medical services in Montague County once again sparked a debate for commissioners as Saint Jo requested additional funding for its volunteer fire department during Monday’s budget workshop.
Saint Jo Fire Chief Scott Thomas became the second fire chief in less than two months to ask commissioners for an increase in funding after the stipend for the City of Bowie was increased from $30,000 to $75,000 in May.
The request brought up what the judge referred to as a “sore subject”, leading to discussions on the level of service provided by each entity and the way funds are distributed to each department. The county currently has three entities providing service to residents: Nocona EMS, the City of Bowie and Saint Jo Volunteer Fire Department.
Thomas reported he had received several calls, and after looking at his own budget, decided it was critical to request more money from the court.

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