Water quality hearing on Tuesday in Bowie

The City of Bowie will have its annual water quality hearing at 6 p.m. on July 18 in the council chambers of the community room.
All customers of the city water system received a copy of the 2016 report several weeks ago. Bowie continues its superior water rating.
The system uses water from Amon G. Carter Lake. This report outlines all aspects of the water’s composition including lead and copper, inorganic contaminants, disinfection by-products, radioactive contaminants, turbidity, volatile organic contaminants and total organic carbon.
Bowie had no material violations and met the standards. The water loss audit showed 110,752,272 gallons.
A paperwork violation was issued on Oct. 30, 2016, and ended on Jan. 27, 2017. It was resolved with the appropriate paperwork submitted a few weeks after it was reported.
During the public hearing, the report will be reviewed.
Any questions can be addressed to the city council and water department staff.