Bowie Council meeting gets heated; CM accused of violating law

Tensions raged at Tuesday’s Bowie City Council meeting as the city manager was accused of violating state law and city policy, and promoters of a recall petition asked why the city secretary could no longer assist them.
The onslaught began as Tami Buckmaster, organizer of an advocacy group, said she had been told City Secretary Sandy Page can no longer answer questions about the recall petition process or help with that. She asked, “What are the procedures for a recall petition?”
City Attorney Tracey Jennings said it is in the city charter located in the code of ordinances. Those codes can be accessed on the city’s website at:
Buckmaster asked if the charter overrules state law. Jennings said there are times when the charter controls and other times where state law applies.
“Because the charter was adopted a long time ago there can be some case law that interprets how the charter is interpreted,” said Jennings.
Buckmaster then asked if the charter does not state some items, would they follow state law. Jennings said, “I don’t know the answer to that.”

Read the full story in the weekend News.

Tami Buckmaster addressed the Bowie City Council Tuesday night. (Photo by Barbara Green)

3 Comments on Bowie Council meeting gets heated; CM accused of violating law

  1. We in Montague County have many incompetent persons holding positions of authority with more incompetent persons making ruling over the citizens. Attaching letter to Comptroller and Texas Officials:

    July 26, 2017

    To My Texas Representatives and Agents;

    As a private individual making my homestead in Texas and following the Law as I know it to be, I am requesting your assistance under the Oath of Office to Support & Defend the Texas Constitution.

    I am making a complaint as a private land owner concerning the Montague County Tax Appraisal District about a Land Patent that was signed & sealed by the Governor and the Registrar of the State Land Office of Texas.

    Who has given the Montague County Tax Appraisal District the Authority and Power to destroy people’s lives? And Authority and Power over a Land Patent?

    The Montague County Tax Appraisal District needs to be made accountable under their Oath to Support & Defend the Texas Constitution for their actions and abuse of power.

    I have tried everything in my power to make them accountable for their incompetence and abuse of power but I am unable to fight the deep pockets of the tax payer funded Agency. I feel that there is a conspiracy with different agencies to land grab peoples property. Please help us or prove us wrong.

    I will not be around much longer, I have been denied life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Enclosing documented evidence of my updated (Lapsed) Land Patent and my Memorandum to the Court in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas, it seems like procedure is more important then facts to the Court. As an American Texas National, I have been treated worse then an illegal, if you can help in any way (perhaps you know someone who can) please do so.

    Documentation/statues prove that the Republic of Texas didn’t levy a property tax, ditto as to fact when the Republic entered into the Union that the original Republic of Texas land grants held true as to property rights, those case decisions that I as an assign have vested property rights, that the State of Texas didn’t levy property taxes until the 1870’s and that same was only for businesses incorporated by the state.


    Bowie, Texas 76230

    P.S. I can e-mail many more documents if you send me your e-mail address.

  2. If you’ve ever tried using those city law websites, you’d know that it’s extremely difficult to find what you want, and many times, the sections you need are unavailable to the public, unless you pay.

    Sounds like a local politician obstructing the people.

    • The information is located on the home page of the city’s website at the bottom under code of ordinances.

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