Quick hairstyles for back to school

By Ashley Tyler

Your alarm didn’t go off, you’re all out of coffee, your kiddo just spilled chocolate milk on their outfit, you still have to do something with her hair and you have to leave in five minutes. You got this. We’ve scoured the web for 11 hairstyles for your offspring that are quick, easy and guaranteed to save you a whole bunch of minutes. Who knows? You might even be early for a change.

1. The Double Twist: Straight or curly, long or short, wet or dry — this is one style that will work on any type of hair. Just twist back each section and secure with a pretty clip. The hair will stay out of your little one’s face, and if nap time makes it a little messy, it will only take a few seconds to fix. (via iVillage)

2. Twistback Flip Under: Take a regular ponytail to the next level with just a little flip of the wrist. The next time you’re running late, just remember this quick style, and at least one of you will leave looking totally adorable. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

3. Sock Bun: Make sure she stays on trend with the sock bun. Best done on textured or day-old hair, this trick is for those mornings when getting out the door on time seems almost impossible. Once your get the basic technique down, you can modify this look in any number of ways, like adding a small braid around the base of the bun. (via De Su Mama)

4. Dutch Braid: If you can French braid, you can Dutch braid. It might take a little practice to train yourself to add pieces under the middle section (instead of over) which sets the braid on top of the hair, giving it a 3D effect. Practice makes perfect, and once you get it right, this one will be in constant rotation. (via Abellas Braids)

5. Side Part Pigtails: Instead of the normal perfectly parted-down-the-middle pigtails, move the front part to the side and don’t worry if there are any bumps or fly-aways. This way, if she has a little extra fun during recess, you don’t have to worry about one side being messed up. She won’t want to wear pigtails forever, so you might as well have fun with it while you can. (via Lil Miss)

6. Hair Bow: It may look intimidating, but all you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins to give your little monster a ‘do that will be the talk of the class. Don’t be surprised if the other parents  want to know how you do it all. (via Small Fry Blog)

7. Twist Crown: Easier than braiding but still as impressive, anyone can master this twisted crown hairstyle. If your mini doesn’t have hair long enough to wrap all the way around, just twist both sections back, secure and leave the back out or in a quick messy bun. (via The Blue Closet)

8. Topsy Tail Pigtails: More pigtails! This time just twist each pigtail into a messy bun. Let your kiddo pick out which pair of bows to wear. (via Twist Me Pretty)

9. Side Banded Ponytail: This banded ponytail is the prefect match for field trips, running around outside or just a busy day of playing princess and admiring your long beautiful ponytail. Rapunzel, rapunzel…(via De Su Mama)

10. Bang Braid: Get those wispy little hairs out of her face. Use a wet comb on dry hair to make braiding a little easier. Not the best with braids? Practice on one of the dolls first! (via Heart and Habit)

11. Topknot: You’re probably already doing this to your own hair, so it should be a cinch to get it done as you’re running out the door. The best part about a topknot? The messier it is, the better it looks! (via Small Fry Blog)