Bowie Jackrabbits fall to Holliday

A 55-yard touchdown from Holliday’s Justin Jones was the nail in the coffin for Bowie on Friday night as Holliday provided a lead it wouldn’t surrender in the first half of its Homecoming game.

The Jackrabbits were messy in the first half with their punts, providing the Eagles with opportunities to score in the second quarter, including a 12-yard rush from Jones and a 23-yard rush from Jett Johnson before the final score of the night.

Despite a better team taking the field in the second half, the Jackrabbits ended the night with a 28-0 defeat.

“Holliday played really well and we didn’t play our best, especially the first half,” explained Bowie Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Dylan Stark. “We couldn’t move the ball, and I’ll take responsibility for that, we tried to do too much formation wise and we need to simplify that a little bit.”

Stark said a couple of mistakes in the kicking game gave the Eagles a short field.

“We just didn’t play very well the first half, in the second half we were able to move the ball a little better and definitely played a lot better,” said Stark.

Quarterback Matthew Wallace completed 9-of-18 with 57 yards on Friday night, while Payton Price was 3-28 in receiving.

Jay Rogers put the pressure on the Eagles with 10 tackles, including one fumble recovery. AJ Craddock was right behind Rogers with nine tackles, one of which caused a fumble.

Chandler Allison also provided nine tackles for the Jackrabbit defense with one fumble recovery.

The Bowie High School football team travels to Jacksboro this Friday night, where the volleyball team also will be in action.

In 2016, the Jackrabbits took the Homecoming victory over the Tigers, but this year it’s Bowie’s turn to face Jacksboro for their homecoming.

Bowie will see a bit of a different team this year as the Tigers come into Friday’s competition with a flawless record, while Bowie sits at 1-3 for the 2017 season.

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