Nocona takes huge victory over Olney

A Nocona Indian carries the ball past an Olney defender during action on Friday night, where Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Brad Keck said his team played well and limited mistakes. (Photo by Todd Peterson)

Football fans are used to seeing six-man games with scores reaching high numbers, but it was a 12-man team that earned a 71-0 victory as Nocona defeated Olney on Sept. 15.
“Olney is a pretty young team, they’re struggling right now and we are a veteran team. Once we started scoring, we snowballed over them,” said Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Brad Keck.
However, it wasn’t the score that had Keck happy, it was the way his team played the game on Friday night.
“I was happy with how we played. I know they are a lot younger than us, and not as strong or fast, but we did what we are supposed to do and didn’t make a lot of mistakes,” explained Keck. “We played pretty clean football.”

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