Councilor Graham, citizen debate rules of order

With barely a quorum present Tuesday night the Bowie City Council took a brief half hour to address its agenda securing a new audit firm and approving a pair of replat requests.
Councilors Terry Gunter, Douglas Boyd and Chuck Malone were absent.
During public comments, Councilor Jim Graham once again butted heads with Tami Buckmaster, who asked about the rules for asking questions.
Mayor Scott Davis started to respond, but Graham spoke up citing the rules of order stating during discussion it is the council members who speak, while the public can make comments during that agenda item.

“We have given this person more time than anyone in the city of Bowie and this started like two years ago. When it comes down to it we understand it is the utilities, the electricity has to be lowered. When it is open forum you can talk at the beginning and when it is discussion that is among the council, not for someone to put in a comment,” said Graham.

Read the full story in the Saturday News.

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  1. Thank God we have AT LEAST ONE PERSON at the council meetings speaking up for the Citizens of Bowie. That person IS NOT MR. Graham! Thank you, Tami Buckmaster!

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