Steadham cites health issues for his resignation as St. Jo mayor

Saint Jo Mayor Danny Steadham (News file photo)

Former Saint Jo Mayor Danny Steadham released a letter to the public regarding his resignation from the city council on Sept. 26, citing health issues as his reason.
The letter was published in the Saint Jo Tribune and states he has been dealing with heart health issues and had bypass surgery in December 2016.
In April he became ill with bleeding ulcers and while medication controls them, doctors have said he must reduce stress.
Steadham said as a retired person he thought he would have plenty of time to handle the post, but due to medical expenses he has had to return to the work force full-time. He thanked those who supported him and said he was disappointed to resign.
Steadham resigned the same night the council accepted the resignations of City Secretary Sherri Davis and City Judge Patty Hale.