Local election returns at 100% reporting

Posted 9:45 p.m. with 100% of precinct reporting per county elections administrator

Winners in italics also results pending officials canvassing by the respective entities.

Bowie City Council elections

Precinct 1

Arlene Bishop  195

Thomas Kent  151

Jim Graham  (incumbent) 185


Precinct 2

Amanda Johns  83

Chuck Malone   (incumbent) 207

Machelle Mills  227


Precinct 3

Wayne Bell   (incumbent)  308

Bill Miller  223


Bowie ISD Trustees election

Place 5

Tommy Tomlinson  387

Guy Green 537


Place 6

Monte Sewell  343

Kenny Miller  566


Saint Jo ISD (three places)

Rebecca Harris (Inc) 79

Justin Brawner 51

Scott Thomas (Inc) 71

Jeff Pledger (Inc) 80

Nick Reeves  41

Michael Dennis 46


All constitutional amendments were approved by county voters. What for further details of the results in the weekend News.