Bowie Police issue alert for fake ‘cop calls’

Officials with the Bowie Police Department have reported a phone scam that involves the department and solicitation of money.
Police Chief Guy Green said Thursday a citizen reported receiving a phone call that came up with the Bowie Police phone number on the caller ID.
The caller says they have a warrant for the person’s arrest and referenced a lawsuit; afterwhich the caller said it could be cleared up with a payment on the phone in lieu of being arrested.
Chief Green said the department does not make a practice of calling people to tell them they have a warrant, and they also never ask for money or demand payment on fines.
These scam callers often make threats such as arrest to obtain personal information or money. Similar calls have come in about the local senior center.
“If you get a call like this, just hang up and don’t tell them anything,” said the chief. “Call the police at 872-2251 to verify any information they tell you.”