Land office launches first-ever Alamo digital battlefield

Texans Visit the Alamo Virtually Through Time
AUSTIN – Today Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announces a first: a digital visualization of the Alamo Battlefield as it appeared in 1836 matched up with how it appears now. The online interactive Alamo Digital Battlefield tool allows anyone on the Internet to explore the Cradle of Texas Liberty like never before. The Alamo Digital Battlefield is live today on and
“The Digital Battlefield marks the first time we can explore the Alamo’s past and present at the same time,” said Commissioner Bush. “Anyone with an Internet connection can virtually stand on Alamo Plaza today, see everything around them in 360 degrees, and go back in time to see how the Alamo looked shortly before the most important battle in Texas history. It’s a simple but revolutionary tool, and as a former history teacher I see many applications for it. We have never been able to do this before.”