Top stories of 2017 in review- Bowie Bass Club

Sports are great because it is many people’s first introduction to the concept of teamwork.

To learn to rely on other people is hard to accept for some people but the rewards that can come from only working with other people is far greater than any individual can achieve on their own.

With that said, here are the top performances from teams in Montague County in the year 2017.

Selections have been chosen based on results. Share your top sports stories on our Facebook page.

1. Bowie Bass Club

The Bowie Bass Club was the only team to all qualify for a state tournament. With that accomplishment, they did the best of any team this calendar year.
May 24 edition

Bowie High School bass club members Lane Hopson and Hadley Morgan produced a big second-day to help vault themselves past several other anglers.
Hopson and Morgan caught more than 16 pounds and the bag limit of five fish on the final day of the Texas High School Bass Association tournament.

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