Bowie ISD Trustees to consider arming staff

In the wake of yet another school shooting, Bowie Independent School District Trustees began discussing the possibilities of staff members carrying concealed handguns within the district.
Trustees met Thursday night after moving their regular Monday meeting due to the Jackrabbit playoff game.
Less than one week earlier, 17 members people were killed in a shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School when a former student entered the school and began firing. Those killed include staff and students.
Listed as school safety on the agenda, Superintendent Steven Monkres told the board the administrators had met with the police chief and school resource officer on Tuesday to discuss school safety in general, along with the district’s process and procedures. Police will be visiting campuses next week to do some “active shooter” training with the staff to review BISD safety procedures and to discuss police procedures.
Monkres said the possibility of the staff carrying handguns has been discussed with Police Chief Gun Green during the last several years.
“We both agreed it may not be necessary, but that was a few years ago. Today, it’s say to say we may have to consider it, it may be time,” said Monkres.

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4 Comments on Bowie ISD Trustees to consider arming staff

  1. Arm the willing and competent.
    Put in charge of security licensed off duty law enforcement and secure the parameters.
    Put in place active shooter drills and train, train, train.
    Add cctv and monitoring.
    And most of all give kids and parents safe means to report suspicious behavior.
    I never would have thought it would come to this, but it is now a different world. Our kids deserve the same protection we give all other venues.

  2. Im happy to see our schools taking a proactive approach. These shootings aren’t theoretical anymore, the threat is real and the next event could happen at any school in the country. Personally I’d like to see our schools do the FASTER training or something similar to it. Our children need to be protected.

  3. I don’t agree with it.having gun in the school is not a good idea.gun don’t kill it people that kills.i I think they should use or try to use a metal detector. Police officers camping the schools more often than just once in awhile. The public to schools in the teachers should all come together and find a solution besides having guns in school.

  4. Yes I agree, Arm the willing and competent!!! Nothing will protect our kids faster than an armed teacher in the classroom. I do believe that whoever carries the armed weapon needs to be known by principles and fellow teachers only. It is sad that we as a community have to come together with our school systems and Department of Public Safety to create a better way to protect our kids in this manner, but this is the world today. If I am not mistaken there have been shooting threats at Nocona High School and the Bowie High School just this week. I as a parent would rather know that our school is armed and not need the gun protection, then for our school not be armed and wish we would have been.

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