City council delays on CM agreement; negotiations for two properties accepted.

The Bowie City Council made a job offer to a prospective city manager candidate, but appears to be having second thoughts.
After a two-hour executive session debating the job and negotiations involving city-owned properties, the council took no action on the agenda item listed as “city manager update.”
On Feb. 8 the council approved a job offer for city manager to Kevin Huckabee, city administrator at Jefferson, and he reportedly had accepted. His employment agreement with the city was scheduled for action Tuesday, but the item was pulled late Friday prior to the posting of the final agenda that only listed the job update.
After the meeting was adjourned Mayor Gaylynn Burris was asked about the status of the job offer to Huckabee and she responded no comment.
When pressed she only said it was “contingent to an ongoing investigation,” pointing to new information that was being examined.
Huckabee and his wife were in the audience at the meeting and visited with citizens while the council was in closed session. His announced start date was March 12.

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