Heart disease often lies silent providing no visible symptoms: Carolann Corado shares her experience

Carolann Corado is recovering from cardiac bypass surgery in December. (Courtesy photo)

Carolann Corado is not your typical heart patient. The health-conscious grandmother who was always on the go and worked long hours never showed any signs her heart wasn’t performing the way it should.

The 69-year-old has always called Montague County home. Born in Saint Jo, she grew up in Montague and now resides in Bowie. Her two children, Kevin Corado and Krista Duvall, also call Bowie their home.
She has spent her time living life to the fullest, working in a job she enjoys with the soil and water conservation districts, traveling with friends and watching her only grandchild, Halle, play volleyball and basketball.
Shortly before the Christmas holidays, her life changed in an instant when she went in for a checkup and her pulmonologist discovered an irregular heartbeat.
“He (pulmonologist) didn’t like that at all, so he picked up the phone and called a cardiologist. The cardiologist told me to come on over to Excel Cardiac Care, where she performed an EKG,” recalled Corado.
For the second time that day, a doctor was unhappy with the way Corado’s heart was working.
“She told me I needed to have a heart catheter, and honestly I thought ‘Oh my goodness.’ There’s nothing that made me think there was anything wrong with me- I had no symptoms,” explained Corado.

A week later she found herself undergoing cardiac bypass.

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