Still no action on city manager’s job

Despite a two-hour executive session Tuesday night, where the purported new Bowie City Manager Kevin Huckabee and his wife sat in the audience, the Bowie City Council took no action on his job offer and there was no discussion back in open session on what was listed for executive session as “update on city manager position.”

On Feb. 8 the council approved a job offer for city manager to Huckabee, city administrator at
Jefferson, and he reportedly had accepted.

An employment agreement was scheduled for Tuesday’s agenda, however, late Friday the agenda was reworked with the agreement pulled. The posted agenda was changed from the earlier version and listed an executive session – update on city manager position. On Friday after the agenda was posted Mayor Gaylynn Burris said she had no comment when asked what “update” means.

Tuesday night it was much the same. When asked after the meeting adjourned the status of the job offer, Burris again repeated no comment, but when pressed she said it was “contingent to an ongoing investigation.”

When the city announced the job offer there was a bit of controversy dug up about an incident at Whitehouse, TX where he was city manager, but the mayor indicated the incident had been fully investigated and they felt confident in the job offer. He was expected to begin March 12, but that start date may be uncertain after Tuesday’s meeting.

Read the you weekend Bowie News for a full report of the meeting.

2 Comments on Still no action on city manager’s job

  1. Governance and management are massive responsibilities in any setting. Integrity in leaders is paramount.
    I am thankful for the Bowie council members who are being guided by full disclosure and knowledge before committing tax dollars and the city’s name. Thank you, council members, for caution tied to your integrity in making wise decisions.
    We will be patient as you discover the best for Bowie’s future.

    • You are absolutely correct Mr. Lasater. Even though I’ve already accepted the offer of employment with the City, the Council should investigate gossip, rumors and hearsay and compare the malicious intents to facts to assure that they have made the right choice.

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