Demolition bid accepted, Bowie City Auditorium to fall

It was a contentious meeting for the Bowie City Council Monday night as members questioned activities of the mayor and debated demolition of the city auditorium and repairs on Mill Street.
In late January the city advertised for bids to demolish the property at 113 E. Tarrant, site of the Bowie City Auditorium, built in 1928. Bids were opened Feb. 21 with six companies competing.
Bids ranged from a low of $150,550 from JC Logan, Bowie to a high of $342,000 from EPCS Environmental, Arlington. The second lowest bid came from RNDI Companies, Rockwall, at $177,300, followed by Total Demolition, West, at $237,500; Burleson Demolition, Burleson, $267,500; and Bandit Recycling, Bowie, $287,000.
The auditorium was built with citizen-approved bonds after a 1926 election. It has more than 1,000 seats facing its stage which has seen many show and dance recitals through the years as well the location of city council chambers and other city offices.
Restoration efforts were never able to complete take off despite fund raising that went to architectural designs and attorney fees.

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4 Comments on Demolition bid accepted, Bowie City Auditorium to fall

  1. Would be great if they could save the sign on the front the building to use on a new building.

  2. Can’t say any longer Bowie is a historic city, it is tearing down about the last historic building in town. Ledge destroyed the corner where in the 50’s men sat talking while waiting on his better half to do the family shopping. The Jr high is over a hundred years old the major may show up there with a hammer to distroy it. Seems to dislike old buildings. If the auditorium had been fixed fiddlers and other downtown events could have used it rather than the Ledgend’s covered parking, on yeah that’s gone too. The city will have ample parking space for nothing to see or go to. Bowie once had 3 theaters those gone no getting those back. But we have an industrial park! These high tech manufacturing plants will start flowing in to this well planned city. The green elephant on 81 N. Rented once for a few months after spending thousands was put into it to match a specialized business and still empty! Our city planners and council members are on it. You have to do something who cares if right and sure don’t put it to the citizens it they like the idea.

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