German teen loves Texas friendliness

Joseph Stark, Celina Koetter and Joellen Stark. Celina is the Stark's German exchange student attending Bowie High School. (Photo by Barbara Green)

As a young girl Celina Köetter loved watching the popular Disney film “High School Musical,” where teens danced and sang their way through the school day.
That fanciful version of American life sparked her dreams of visiting America, so when the chance to travel to the states arrived this past year, she became an exchange student in Texas.
The 17-year-old hails from Cologne, located in western Germany. With a metropolitan population of more than one million people, Köetter says her home is located in the countryside outside Cologne, so the move to Bowie was a good fit as she joined the Joseph and Joellen Stark family.
The Starks are no strangers to exchange students as the couple and their now grown sons, Tyler, age 27 and Tory, 24, have welcomed 10 students through the years.

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