Huckabee out as new Bowie city manager

Kevin Huckabee

Operating without a city manager since last November, the Bowie City Council is going back to the drawing board failing to pass a motion to proceed with the hiring of Kevin Huckabee, scheduled to begin on March 12.
It came down to a tie-breaking vote by Mayor Gaylynn Burris as the council was split three-three on the decision. Burris voted no with the motion failing.
The council made no further comment or discussion on how it will proceed with the city manager’s job. The mayor said she anticipates the topic will be on the next agenda to find out what the council wants to do whether they will reconsider the nearly 30 applicants or call back other finalists.

While Burris would not elaborate on the discussion during closed session, she said her vote was based on Huckabee’s “failure to disclose” certain information.

Read the full story in the mid-week News.

3 Comments on Huckabee out as new Bowie city manager

  1. “Failure to disclose” huh? Similar to the council’s “failure to disclose” that city tax funds are being supplemented by increases in electricity rates?

  2. He didn’t fail to disclose anything. How can he disclose something that didn’t happen? Burris was feed malicious gossip and rumor and instead of finding out the facts she went on a witch hunt. She did not call any council members or references that could clear this matter up in seconds. The 3 council members that did bother to call and get the truth voted to hire him. The 3 that didn’t voted against him. This city desperately needs an educated City Manager.

  3. The
    Bowie mafia at it again. When will Bowie change and start to become just a little like our neighbor to the south that is growing by leaps and bounds. Look at that great industrial park near 287, isn’t it just booming with tenants and business. By the way I have not heard a peep about lowering our electric rate and thus attracting more business to our fair city. “I second it Liberty”!

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