Old Snapchat post puts BHS in a frenzy Thursday

A shared Snapchat posting created yet another scare in Bowie schools on Thursday, and in the end it turned out to be an old post connected to another school district.
However, even after that determination was made a student continued to show it to her friends upsetting students and in turn parents resulting in a false alarm complaint being filed against her.
The investigation into a possible threat began shortly after midnight on Thursday when Patrol Officer Cody Stone received a screenshot of a Snapchat message that stated: “Get ready for the shooting I’m coming during lunch, I’m killing ALL OF YALL.”
Sgt. Randy Hanson and School Resource Officer Travis Fuller began investigating the post which had been shared by the student and then others.
Police Chief Guy Green said it was determined the post was shared by a 14-year-old female Bowie High School student who lived out in the county.

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