Six bids received for auditorium demolition; meeting on Monday

A total of six bids were opened Feb. 21 for demolition of the Bowie City Auditorium and they will be considered at the 6 p.m. March 5 Bowie City Council meeting.
The regular meeting on March 6 was moved to Monday due to a schedule conflict of a council member.
The city began advertising for bids in late January to take down the 1927 building that has been used for city and community activities since citizens approved a bond for its construction in 1926. It has laid vacant for many years despite efforts to restore the building located at 113 E. Tarrant.
The bids range from a low of $150,550 to a high of $342,000.
While the council did not give specific approval to solicit bids, Mayor Gaylynn Burris gave the directive based on previous “consensus” of the council that restoration was not feasible. She wanted to get a “ballpark figure” to make a final determination by the council.

Read the full agenda in the weekend News.

Correction: In the print edition the time was incorrect on the story. It read 5 p.m. and it should have been 6 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience.