Terry’s hobby helping connect nameless graves with families

Robert Terry at Nocona Cemetery. (Photo by Dani Blackburn)

“That there will come a time, that there will come a day, when someone will remember this is me, here I lay.”
Robert Terry
For decades, more than 150 souls buried in the Nocona Cemetery have gone nameless – their graves for one reason or the other left unmarked and their time on earth forgotten.
One Nocona man has dedicated thousands of hours of his time and more than 10 years of work to change just that.
The story began in 2007, when Robert Terry found himself wandering through the Nocona Cemetery in search of a buddy buried among the gravestones.
“I went to the city office and they showed me on a map of the area where he was, but that’s all they could show you was an area. Then you had to remember what they said when you came back to search for the grave. I thought, there ought to be a way to put all this together on a computer and make it easier. That’s where it all started,” recalled Terry.

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  1. Dani Blackburn did a wonderful job of writing this article. I’m so grateful that she included the names of those that have been identified. That was very important to me. Thank you for doing this story.

  2. You’ve been doing a great job Boob. I know it takes a lot of time to do what you are doing. Keep up the good work brother for it is greatly appreciated.

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