City auditorium demolition planned

Demolition of the 1927 Bowie City Auditorium could begin by May 11 as the city moves forward with plans to take down the multi-level brick structure at 113 E. Tarrant.
The art deco building has towered over Bowie since it was completed in 1927 following a $30,000 bond issue that was approved in 1926. In February the city council voted to take down the building at a cost of $150,550 on a bid from JC Logan. That price is expected to increase slightly due to asbestos abatement costs.
Mayor Gaylynn Burris said the abatement process will begin on April 23 and the contractor hopes to be done by May 9. Equipment will be moved into the site during that process and the contractor expects to begin demolition on May 11.

Read the full story in the weekend News.

2 Comments on City auditorium demolition planned

  1. Just curious how our mayor is making these decisions instead of waiting for the proper authority to do so (city manager)! Seems unusual to me that a person in a volunteer position would take on such large decisions and all of a sudden for that matter. Also wondering how our city council voted on this when there are no minutes from meetings stating that a demolition bid should be gone forward with. I suppose it is our (the community) fault though for voting someone, with absolutely no vision into such a position!

    • The city council did vote yes to pursue and later accept a demolition bid, both items were reported in The Bowie News, and the authority for that such action only comes from the council, not the city manager.

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